What our physiotherapy clients say

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Our approach and atmosphere

"The friendliness of staff, and ease of booking and first consultation, is very thorough. Everything is very COVID-safe and inspires so much confidence. It has all been excellent, without exception."
"Exceptionally friendly and professional. No ‘dumbing down': too many people don't seem to take the time to explain things properly, but that's not the case here. Would highly recommend to anyone with musculoskeletal issues."
"Fantastic. Really simple step-by-step support, which made it so easy."
Laura Parsons
"I always enjoy my experience here, not only for my treatment but for the friendly care of the team and help. They never let you miss an appointment by giving you a kind reminder. And now a bigger car park – its perfect! "

Physiotherapy for chronic conditions

"I came after several years of getting nowhere with my worsening condition. Mary immediately knew what the root of my problems was. She went the extra mile for me and researched a selection of reputable, qualified surgeons for my injury. I fully trust Mary's honest, no nonsense approach and I finally feel like I’m moving forward!"
Lindsay Leggate

Physiotherapy for accidents and injury

"Willow House is the best way to recovery. I'd been concerned how my Achilles would heal and what strength I’d have, but with their treatment, exercise and encouragement I now feel 100%."
"Following a car accident, I had several physiotherapy appointments at Willow House. Mary’s knowledge of how the body works is fantastic and I’m well on the way to recovery."
Dean Forrest
“I dislocated my thumb a few weeks ago and was having difficulty with swelling, discomfort and lack of movement. Mary used her PhysioPod deep oscillation machine and after just a few days I can already see a huge improvement!”
Lucy Steele
"Thank you, Mary, for getting me back on track after I hurt my neck in a car accident. I’m doing my exercises and am loads more mobile than I was. I can even look over my shoulder instead of turning my whole body when I’m cycling!"

Physiotherapy after surgery

“Thank you for helping me recover so quickly from my back surgery. I found our sessions very helpful and reassuring, especially in the first few weeks after my operation when my mobility was severely limited. I’m more or less back to full fitness now and can walk 5 miles without difficulty. I wouldn’t have made such a quick recovery without your help.”
Janet Goldsworthy
“Thank you for directing me through a very tough period after my hip operation. I now recommend you to all my (younger!) colleagues at work with bad backs etc and have a stock of your cards that I give out when appropriate.”
Jenny Kane

Physiotherapy for athletes and sports enthusiasts

“With Mary’s expert guidance, I’m well on the road to recovery from a knee injury I sustained while kickboxing. I can’t wait to be back competing at world level, and I’ve no doubt I’m going to end up fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been."
Darren Burton
"Like many other 'too keen' sportspeople, I left my shoulder injury too long before seeking advice and had been told by several professionals that it was something I was 'just going to have to live with'. I knew immediately I was going to like Mary’s approach, as she had an incredibly positive attitude which matched my own determination to get back to playing sport. I’m now happily back playing tennis!”
Shona Dickson