About Willow House


Willow House

is a physiotherapy, personal training, and massage clinic in the village of Billinghay, in the pretty Lincolnshire countryside. We’re just over halfway from Lincoln to Boston.

We believe there’s always a way to improve your enjoyment of life by optimising your physical wellbeing, whatever that means for you. So we offer private:

whether that’s to treat an injury or condition or to help you achieve your personal goals.

Willow House opened evenings-only in 2013 and full time in January 2018, and our team has grown to include 3 chartered physiotherapists, one personal trainer and one massage therapist. We’ve also invested heavily in a wide range of technology and equipment for our physiotherapy clinic and our own on-site gym.

Directions and parking

We’re easy to find on the A153 Tattershall Road. There’s plenty of private parking and several bus services that can drop you off half a mile away in Billinghay.

Top Quality Physiotherapy and Personal Training at your convenience…

“Help is at Hand”