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Physiotherapy exercises

These videos and leaflets will help you remember how to do your exercises correctly. These are the ones you’ve already been shown by your Willow House physiotherapist. Please only attempt the exercises you’ve already been taught. 

McGill physiotherapy exercises

Side bridge progressions

Bird dog progressions

Cat mobilisation

Bird dog and box press-up

Side bridge – Beginner

Side bridge – Intermediate

Side bridge – Hand on hip

Side bridge – Advanced

Short glutes - Programme

Exercise programmes

Mobility and strength – Programme 1

Balance and strength – Programme 1

All the balls – Programme 1

Foam roller exercises

Good running form

Achilles tendinosis

Landing drills

Deep oscillation therapy

Neck exercises

Retractions – Lying position

Retractions – Sitting position

Deep neck stability – Exercise 1

Deep neck stability – Exercise 2

Deep neck stability - Exercise 3

Chest stretch/upper back decompression – Exercise 1

Shoulder exercises

Rotator cuff isometric 1

Rotator cuff 2 with theraband

Prone cobra

Activation scapula stabilisers 1

Activation scapula stabilisers 2 with Press Up on door

Shoulder mobility/control

Lower back exercises

Lumbar extension exercises in lying position

Extension exercises in standing position

Other useful links:

Click on the link below to visit Versus Arthritis website where you can view a variety of exercises for healthy joints


Click on the link below for information on managing pain and exercises for specific body sites courtesy of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy



Basic Pilates exercises


8 stretches for after exercise