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Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function for people affected by injury, illness or disability. We use movement, exercise and hands-on therapy to help you get back to being yourself! 

We’ve got a superb physiotherapy team led by Mary Simpson. Mary enhanced and managed the physiotherapy department at RAF Cranwell, here in Lincolnshire, for 25 years before setting up Willow House not far away in Billinghay.

Your first physiotherapy appointment

All of our treatments first require a full assessment to make sure we deliver the most effective treatment for you. Your initial physiotherapy appointment usually lasts an hour, and we’ll use the time to fully understand your problem, discuss your goals, and start you on your treatment pathway.

Important physiotherapy information

Important physiotherapy information

‘Hands-on’ manual physiotherapy
  • We use a range of physiotherapy mobilisation techniques for joints and soft tissues. This helps to realign the body, improve joint congruency and range, and develop the quality of movement.
  • We may use massage therapy to encourage blood flow and to optimise nutrition in the affected area.
  • We often incorporate myofascial and viscerofascial techniques into treatment sessions. These gently move the soft tissue to loosen and encourage the rehydration of fibrous muscle tissue, helping to improve your range of motion and reduce pain.
Deep Oscillation

Deep Oscillation is a patented massage therapy which sends gentle, low-frequency electrostatic impulses into the tissue while the gloved hand of the therapist glides above. The effect is a very rapid ‘kneading’ of the skin, subcutaneous fat, muscles, and blood and lymph vessels. This permits a powerful yet non-invasive flushing of inflammatory by-products, protein solids, and any excess build-up of lymphatic fluid. It’s an extremely useful tool for reducing pain and inflammation, and opening the way to natural healing.

Physiotherapy for sports injuries

We use a variety of physiotherapy techniques, massage and targeted exercise to treat injuries to joints and soft tissue. We’ll assess your biomechanics and movement patterns to identify the cause of your injury, particularly if it’s a recurring injury. We’ll offer advice on how to help yourself get better, so you can get back to your chosen sport as soon as possible. We can also provide simple orthotic insoles, with fitting. 



Taping is used in physiotherapy to support joints and muscles, encourage healing, relieve short-term pain, and even help with lymphatic drainage. It doesn’t restrict your movement, so sports taping can support muscle groups and improve performance. We use both traditional physiotherapy strapping and RockTape or Kinesio Taping (a revolutionary new system now used extensively in elite sport; it’s the bright blue or pink tape you may have seen on athletes on TV). Mary has extensive experience with taping and finds it can be very therapeutic in the retraining of movement patterns as well as treating acute sports injuries.

Physiotherapy for neck, back and pelvis problems

Spinal conditions are common, and are often caused by poor posture and an imbalance of the muscles supporting the spine. Joints can then become dysfunctional and cause pain. A variety of physiotherapy techniques, including muscle-energy and strain/counterstrain therapy, exercise therapy and postural and ergonomic advice, can all be valuable in addressing both short- and long-term problems.


Alongside hands-on therapy we often use the Posture Key, a drug-free injury solution involving a 2-piece massage device which can be very effective in dealing with long-term back pain.

Physiotherapy for pre and post-operative rehabilitation

Before surgery, it’s important to prepare your body for the rehabilitation you’ll need after your operation. We can provide specialist physiotherapy advice, including a personalised rehabilitation programme, to help you get back to the activities you enjoy as soon as possible. Mary and Lesley have particular expertise in the rehabilitation of ligament reconstruction, arthroscopy and joint replacements.

Physiotherapy for upper and lower limb problems

We use a variety of manual and exercise therapies, biomechanical corrections, simple orthotics (to help correct your foot posture), soft tissue elongation (stretching), taping, and fascial techniques. They’re all designed to help restore you to your usual activities.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates adapts the well-known mat-based exercise regimen to use body positions which are more suitable for patients with back and neck pain, and those recovering from injury. We can progress your exercises as you improve, maintaining sufficient challenge while maximising the benefits of your physiotherapy treatment. We also offer clinical Pilates as part of rehabilitation, which is useful in keeping clients motivated to continue their exercises.

Physiotherapy for arthritis

We use various manual physiotherapy techniques and range-of-motion exercises to help relieve stiffness and increase your range of movement. We can also offer pre- and post-operative physiotherapy for joint-replacement surgery, and have helped many people to strengthen their muscles and stabilise their joints – reducing pain and improving everyday function.

Ergonomic advice

Mary studied Occupational Health within Physiotherapy at master’s level. She can assess your posture and offer advice for a range of work-based activities. Even if you just work from home or use a laptop/tablet device, the way you sit could have an impact on your health and wellbeing. Mary can offer personalised solutions to improve your posture and reduce the effects of prolonged sitting.

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