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Personal equipment

We’ve invested in the most appropriate equipment and technology to help our fitness clients to achieve their personal goals, whatever those may be.

Personal training equipment

Our own gym offers a wide range of equipment to help you safely and effectively build your fitness and improve your physical health:

Dual assisted pulley system

The cable crossover pulley system offers a very versatile way to perform multiple exercises. By using your limbs to move the pulleys up and down, either at the same time or alternately, you can achieve a complete workout for the entire body.

Running machine

A treadmill offers a softer, reliable surface with some shock absorption, so your joints take less impact than on a road surfaces (plus, there’s no trips or stumbles on kerbs or potholes). You can more easily control your speed and incline, and you can measure key metrics about your run.

TRX suspension training

Suspension training offers a very diverse range of exercises, from lunges and squats to twists and planks. You use your own body weight to strengthen your core, build stamina and strength, increase flexibility and coordination, and enhance balance and stability. This offers a high level of calory burn.

Concept 2 rowing machine

Rowing machines can benefit 85% of your body’s muscles, offering a well-balanced workout which will strengthen the core along with the shoulders, arms, back, glutes and hamstrings. It’s also effective for building your cardiovascular capacity.

Watt Bike

A Watt Bike is about much more than cycling. It’s extremely useful for measuring many aspects of your health and fitness, identifying areas to work on. It offers a zero-impact workout, especially for the cardiovascular system, to support all types of sport and fitness.


A cross-trainer can help you improve your muscle and joint fitness as well as your heart health, and help to prevent injury caused by over-reliance on particular muscles. Benefits can include losing fat while building muscle, increasing your cardio-aerobic capacity, and quickening your stride.


Kettlebells offer a total body workout. The exercises engage the entire body in a variety of multi-joint movements. Swinging a kettlebell engages your core and range of key muscle systems, and you can isolate different parts of the body to work on. They also help you build your stability, balance and power.

Battle ropes

These offer a simple, fast and highly efficient workout. What you do with them varies hugely, so you can avoid monotony. They’re ideal for building cardiovascular health, working on your balance, stability and co-ordination, and building up weaker areas.

Olympic weights

Olympic weightlifting is increasingly popular and the weights are now commonly found in any well-equipped gym. Olympic weightlifting blends multiple movements, such as the squat and the deadlift, into a single, fluid motion with whole-body involvement. This makes it a very efficient way to train.

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