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Physiotherapy equipment

We’ve invested in the most appropriate equipment and technology to help our physiotherapy clients to achieve their goals.

Physiotherapy equipment

The following technology helps us to diagnose, treat and manage a wide range of conditions and injuries:

Deep Oscillation PhysioPod

This has a gentle, deep-acting effect on skin, connective tissue, muscles and blood and lymph vessels. It’s used to treat traumatic and chronic pain; manage lymphoedema and lipoedema; reduce inflammation; prevent and reduce fibrosis; and relax muscles and improve mobilisation.

RS Footscan

This helps us to check your balance and to very accurately measure your gait as you’re walking or running either in bare feet or trainers. It can identify problems and indicate whether you may need orthotics (prescription inserts for your footwear which are bespoke to you and made by 3D printing).

Compex Muscle Stimulator

This simple technique trains your muscles by sending electric pulses to your motor nerves in order to create muscle contractions. Besides its usefulness in healing and recovery, it’s used by many fitness enthusiasts and elite athletes to enhance their workouts and training.


Therapeutic ultrasound can reduce pain and inflammation, increase circulation, and increase soft-tissue mobility. It can help to heal conditions such as bursitis, tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, hamstring injuries, ‘tennis elbow’, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Posture Key

We find the Posture Key to be revolutionary yet simple and easy to use. It’s a drug-free injury solution involving a 2-piece massage device, and we’ve been using it alongside hands-on treatment to great effect with people who have long-term back pain. With the new movement patterns, the pain just seems to ease. We often loan one out to our clients for a 2-week trial before they buy one for themselves, and 80% choose to buy it after the trial.

Back Mobiliser

We use this to help those people who feel trapped by endless back pain, especially if it’s lasted more than 6 months and hasn’t responded to rest, drugs or other treatments. We also like some clients to use the back mobiliser to loosen their connective tissue and spinal joints prior to their treatment sessions to get the maximum benefit from manual therapy.

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