Gait Analysis


Gait Analysis

We are fortunate to have Chartered Physiotherapists who are experienced in gait analysis and can perform an in-depth assessment using a high quality pressure plate called the Footscan. We can scan you walking and running barefoot and in shoes to analyse your gait and ensure that you have footwear that helps to lower your risk of developing an injury from the way you walk or run. We have the Materialise software which analyses the data collected from the pressure plate and together with an assessment of your foot we can recommend suitable orthotics if these are required. We have some off the shelf orthotics (insoles) available such as Formthotics or Pro-steps which can be adjusted specifically to help correct any biomechanical issues.

Some people benefit from prescription orthotics that are recommended according to the analysis of the data collected by the Footscan. We can prescribe the most suitable orthotic with ease and confidence and the prescription is sent to a laboratory where the orthotics are 3-D printed specifically for each individual.

Please have a look at the video to see how the gait analysis is performed and if you are interested please ask for a Footscan assessment when you book your appointment.

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