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Why should I pay?

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At the moment, there is a lot of pressure on NHS services and a real increase in waiting times for all services. Many NHS Physiotherapy departments are only offering telephone consultations when you may feel you need to be seen face to face. If you have to be referred by your GP, you have to wait for this and then wait again for your Physiotherapy so by the time you actually get seen you are either in more pain or have been researching on Google and tried a load of other solutions which may not be right for your individual problem. Some people have private medical insurance that will pay all or some of the cost of treatment but even if you don’t, surely it is worth spending some money on getting yourself better as quickly as possible.

There are many reasons why investing in some private Physiotherapy is a very good idea.

1. Speed of access to an appointment

Do you want to wait weeks for a telephone consultation from an NHS Physio or be seen at Willow House within a few days? You do not need a GP referral for Private Physiotherapy. As soon as you have been thoroughly assessed and treated by one of our very experienced Physiotherapist you will be on the road to recovery to allow you to get back to work or the leisure activity you are unable to do due to your injury.

2. Choice and convenience of Appointment times

We have a wide choice of appointment times available to suit your lifestyle. from early morning into the evening to make sure you don’t have to miss work, school or even your favourite online Pilates class! We use a system to send booking and reminder emails to help you to remember your appointments. We pride ourselves in offering a very professional service, from the friendliness and efficiency of our Receptionists to the quality of care our Physiotherapists provide for you on an individual basis.

3. Specialist Experience

Our 3 Physiotherapists are all very experienced clinicians with additional post graduate qualifications and training. They are all committed to spending time to deliver an effective treatment programme for you. You are unlikely to get this standard if care if you are only offered a 20 minute appointment which is often the case in the NHS.

Our assessment appointments are usually 1 hour long, this ensures that your physiotherapist is able to:

· listen to you properly,

· carry out a thorough whole body assessment,

· work to identify the root cause of your issue,

· devise an individualised treatment plan,

· undertake hands on treatment,

· provide you with exercises and advice to help you to make progress between treatment sessions.

4. Facilities

We have a lovely clinic with 3 private treatment rooms so no-one can listen in to your session unlike the curtained cubicles in many NHS departments. We have disabled access, toilet facilities and car parking on the premises. We have a well-equipped gym with a variety of equipment that is used for personal training and rehabilitation. We offer for sale many of the basic small equipment such as balls or resistance band that you may need to maximise your rehabilitation so you can start your home exercise plan straight away. If your Physiotherapist recommends massage as an adjunct to your treatment, we have a Massage Therapist in clinic 3 sessions a week and a wonderful Back in Action Mobiliser that is very popular with our patients and we use in addition to Physiotherapy to help restore natural spinal movement.

If you are looking for a new therapist or ready to start seeing a Physiotherapist for the first time please contact us on 01526860740 or email [email protected] and book in for your assessment. If you would like more information, please check out our website at www.willowhousept.com

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