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Matt Thompson
Movement Therapist


Matt Thompson

Following a long history of chronic pain and rehabilitation that was not achieving the results he hoped for, Matt set out to learn more about the root causes of his challenges. He suffered numerous sports related injuries, some of which never seemed to get completely better. 

Matt began studying MNRI (Masgutova Neuro-Sensory-Motor Reflex Integration) and Anatomy in Motion to gain a better understanding of how we move, how we first learn to move, and how movement is the mechanism through which we develop our brains, nervous system and protection/survival strategies. This opened his eyes to how the current medical system struggles to help adults make a more complete recovery from pain and injury and help children with developmental challenges to improve their symptoms without medication. 

Matt’s work with MNRI is able to provide a safe and natural way to help adults reduce the effects fo their troublesome symptoms and children to develop, mature and move beyond their label.

Through his own personal experiences, Matt has developed a strong desire to help others facing a similarly long and often lonely journey back to health and he delved deeper into the closely related fields of mental health and movement. He aims to challenge the often self-limiting beliefs that because we have been given a diagnosis, scan or ‘limitation’ that we cant make improvements in how we move and feel. He beieves that everyone deserves to live a happy and fulfilling life and he is dedicated to helping others find ‘what is missing’ through his work.

If you are limited by your pain, stuck in a state of stress or anxiety and feel like you have tried it all then Matt will be there every step of the way to support you through this journey. 

Matt's approach

“You are not in pain because you are getting old, you are getting old because you are in pain. 

Why should I see Matt?


  • Something hurts, has hurt for a long time and no one has managed to help it go away and stay away
  • You are stressed, anxious and all the talking therapies in the world do not seem to help
  • You have a history of something traumatic in your life
  • Children who are struggling with school, sports or co-ordination
  • Children with behavioural or emotional regulation challenges